A girl running and giving high fives to coaches, students, and parents.

Enka girls from third to twelfth grade are working together to cross the finish line. 

As a way to prepare for the Girls on the Run (GOTR) 5k, coaches from Pisgah Elementary and Hominy Valley Elementary partnered with Enka High School’s (EHS) girls track team to practice for the race. The teams, coaches and families pulled together to run alongside one another and cheer everyone to the finish line. 

“The girls had a lot of fun running together,” said Pisgah School Counselor and GOTR Coach Tara Mowrey. “The girls had so much fun and were really proud of themselves for completing a 5k. It was awesome to see the girls from different schools run and support each other.”

Not only did the GOTR teams gain confidence, but they also learned a lot from the high school athletes as well. 

“I loved seeing the high schoolers run with and support the elementary age girls,” Ms. Mowrey said. “I heard them encouraging one another and helping them believe in themselves. I will never pass up an opportunity to show our elementary students the wonderful activities they have to look forward to in high school.”

EHS track runners aspire to become positive role models for the runners. 

“I had the opportunity to be in GOTR when I attended Hominy Valley Elementary,” said Josie Farmer, an EHS junior. “I hope the girls today continue their love of running and are future EHS track stars.”

Ms. Mowrey says that GOTR is more than just running each day, and is something she wishes all students would do. 

“This program is where girls can learn life skills,” she explained. “Each practice includes a lesson that focuses on self-esteem, building each other up, solving conflicts, teamwork, focusing on strengths and healthy relationships. All of these topics are important, and the girls also learn that physical activity can help your mental well-being.”

GOTR teams from around the region will race across the finish line on Sunday, December 10, for the Fall Season Celebratory 5k. Members of EHS Track Team have signed up to be running buddies for Pisgah and Hominy Valley Elementary. Festivities begin at 8 a.m. at the Asheville Outlets. 

Runners giving high fives to supporters.