Home Base

The HOME BASE/PowerSchool is a statewide student information system with parent access. Parents will be able to view their child's attendance, current grades and other resources. The parent portal will also have single sign-on access, meaning that parents will be able to monitor multiple students' progress with one username and password.

Each school has access code information for each student that is available at the front office. Because of the private nature of student's grades, the access codes will not be sent home with students. We encourage parents to come by their school and request the access code information or contact the school if you have any questions about how you can receive the access code information.

Below are more resources to help set up and use your account on the HOME BASE / PowerSchool Parent Portal after you have received the access code information. For more information on how to use the site once you are logged in click HERE.

HOME BASE/PowerSchool Parent Overview (Flash YouTube Video)

Video Overview of the Parent Portal Access
(Some features have yet to be activated)

HOME BASE/PowerSchool Parent Portal User Guide (pdf)
This user guide will assist parents while navigating the HOME BASE/PowerSchool Parent Portal. 

HOME BASE/PowerSchool Parent Portal Access Document Sample (pdf)
This is a sample of the parent access code information document.

Click Here to Create a Parent Portal Account 
(You must obtain your student's access ID and password codes, from the attending school, to complete this process.)

If you've already created a parent portal account, sign in here.

The PowerSchool Android and Apple app do not update until the first student day of the new school year. To view information during the summer, login to the parent portal here.

Since the IAM integration, the PowerSchool Apps may not allow access for students. (NCDPI nor Buncombe County Schools supports the use of the PowerSchool apps.)