Crisis Recovery Team

The Crisis Recovery Team (CRT) is a team of counselors and social workers from across all Buncombe County Schools districts.  These team members are specially trained to support students and staff dealing with crisis, grief, loss, and trauma.   The CRT has been instrumental in assisting schools coping with crises such as community tragedies, student and teacher deaths, and vehicle accidents.


  • IT'S PREVENTATIVE - The response creates an opportunity for students to safely disclose and receive assistance for issues.

  • IT'S PRACTICAL - Administrators and staff need practice in implementing their crisis response plans before a catastrophic event.

  • IT'S COMPASSIONATE - Students and staff are affected by these events and need social and emotional support.

  • IT'S EFFECTIVE - The school will return to normalcy faster if the loss is acknowledged and student needs are met.

  • IT'S POWERFUL - Over time, as a school responds to these events, the school climate improves. Students learn that each person matters and develop a sense of empathy and coping skills.

Services provided may include:

  • Coordination and support for school administration

  • Coordination with families impacted by the event

  • Assistance with announcing the event and providing classroom support

  • Support and counseling for individual students and staff members

  • Set-up and monitoring of a drop-in center or "safe-room" for students

  • Letters, announcements, and liaison with media as needed

  • Staff meetings and debriefings

  • Support materials and resources to assist with grief and loss

  • Coordination with community agencies and supports

  • Assistance with memorializing the death

  • Partnership with the school counseling department to provide follow-up services and referrals as needed