English Language Arts – Wit and Wisdom, Pisgah's reading curriculum, focuses on reading comprehension (understanding a story) and reading skills.  Students will read fiction and informational text books (non-fiction.)  They will be working on reading comprehension (answering questions about a story) and reading strategies.  Reading strategies include: Making Predictions, Characters, Author’s Purpose, Problem and Solution, Schema (Background Knowledge) and Connections (with self, with world and with other texts), Asking Questions, and Making Inferences (draw a conclusion using background knowledge and text), Summarizing (retelling using the important parts), and finding the Central Message and supporting details of a story.

Please continue to encourage your child to read 15 - 30 minutes each night. Ask them about what they are reading and write a written response in their at-home reading log.

Writing - Students are working on writing stories and sentences beginning with capital letters and ending in punctuation.  They are also working on improving handwriting.  By the end of second grade, students will be able to write narrative, informational and opinion writings.

Math – I am using the Revised Investigations math curriculum along with supplementary activities to teach math. Students will solve math problems using addition and subtraction.  As the year moves along, students will work on solving addition and subtraction word problems using various solution strategies.  Telling Time to the closest five minutes and Counting Money to $1.00 are important concepts that students should master by the end of second grade.

Social Studies  -  We are studying communities and being a good citizen.  Students learn about maps and map skills as well as important historical figures.

Science - In second grade, students work on understanding patterns of weather and tools that help.  Solids, Liquids and the changes they undergo are the second unit.  Sound is a fun concept that second graders love to learn about.

**Please remember to check over and sign your child’s academic planner each night.**

 Homework Reminder

Students will have Homework on Monday – Thursday nights.  Each night, students will have reading for 20 - 30 minutes (reading log) and nightly math. 

Please check student homework log each night for notes from me or the school.  Please sign or initial planner each night.