My Philosopy of Teaching & Learning

My Philosophy
Teaching is evolving with each new school year and to provide students with the best learning experiences my philosophy evolves as well. I implement best practices for classroom management, instructional design, and overall learning in our classroom. Learning new things is ongoing and I look at teaching/learning with fresh lenses each year. Every school year is different and every child that enters our classroom brings new information and a chance to enhance our learning environment.
Our classroom has set procedures and routines that provide a structure for learning. Students know what is expected of them so often many activities can take place at once with no wasted time in our school day. Students feel safe and are not afraid to share their ideas. The main focus in on what we can learn together.
Instruction is differentiated to meet the individual needs of students because my students enter the classroom with a variety of skill levels, abilities, and backgrounds. When differentiating instruction, learning activities are created so students of varying abilities can use and develop skills in their daily learning. The goal is for all students to grow academically whether they need remediation or acceleration. Students work in numerous types of settings consisting of whole class, partners, teams, small groups,independently,  or one-on-one with a teacher or peer.  All students are working at their appropriate level.
My goal is to create life long learners. I strive to make learning fun in an atmosphere that feels safe for students to take risks and discuss perspectives with others. All students are valued, respected, and cared for in our classroom. We are a team.
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