School Counselor and School Social Worker

Change can be stressful for everyone. One way to combat stress can be to offer support and consistency. We wanted to give you information about support that we have in place for you and your child. 

Due to the recent school closure and virtual school days you may want to contact your child’s school counselor,Tara Mowrey and/or our school social worker, Tammy Baldwin. (please reach out via email or by calling the school).
Contact information: 828-670-5023
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am-3:00pm
Tara Mowrey:  (828-761-1064)
Tammy Baldwin:   (828-670-5023)

You might want to reach out to us if….
Your child is anxious or worried 
You need additional support with food, housing, clothing, or other resources
Your child is showing signs of distress beyond what seems normal
You are feeling anxious or stressed and are unsure how to manage everything