Education Links

  • Epic books

    This site and app has many free books for your student to read.  This site has a read-aloud option and can be used on both Apple and Android devices.


  • Augmented Reality 3D Website - Free

    This app for your iPad is just neat!  You load this free app to your iPad and print out the free pictures for your child to color.  After they have colored the picture, watch it "come to life" through the Augmented Reality App.

    Although this app has many general free pictures, for education, there are a few free ones such as a 3D animal cell that you can study and quiz from, a 3D plant cell, and a volcano that erupts.

    App located in the app store:  quiver

    Site to print pictures from:


  • Virtual Field Trips

  • This site offers exciting adventures from the comfort of your home.