News & Notes

Below is a general outline of my class that should answer most questions and give you a solid understanding of my expectations and class procedures:

1. You can reach me before 7:10 a.m. and after 2:10 p.m. by calling the school at 670-5025. If you have a pressing need you may call during school hours and have me paged. You may email me anytime at . I reply within 2 hours.

 2. I encourage you to read our classroom website by typing, selecting Pisgah Elem. from the drop down menu, clicking "staff" and then finding me. I update this site periodically. If you do not have internet I will be happy to send a hard copy home with your child; please advise.

 3. HOMEWORK:  Will go home in a folder every Friday afternoon and must be delivered to me the following Friday morning. Make every effort to have let your child do the homework with assistance and encouragement from you. The homework folder will contain homework I have deemed developmentally appropriate for your child. Likely it will consist of the week’s spelling list activities, plus math and language arts practice. Your child will read his/her chapter book nightly for a minimum of 150 minutes per week, complete spelling activities, complete the written homework packet, organize it back in the homework folder, and turn it in on my desk before the 7:30am bell Friday morning. I will deduct ten points from the weekly homework grade for every day it is turned in late. If you or your child is confused about any homework, simply star it and have your child speak to me about it before the morning bell or during silent reading so we can clarify the questions.

4. In my classroom we have a community of respectful learners. It is a safe environment where kids are encouraged to try their very best and work hard. I will not tolerate rudeness or willful ignorance at any time. Poor behavior will get one warning and then consequences such as silent lunch, silent recess, or repetitive calisthenics will be implemented at recess. Students will not be allowed to disrespect the class, the school, each other, themselves, or me. You will receive a call if your child is chronically disrespectful or not working hard enough in my class. I will ask you to come in for a conference and we will resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

 5. Students have mailboxes in our classroom. The mail will go out every day and be placed in their homework folder. One side of their homework folder is for mail, the other for homework. If you receive a field trip permission slip or other forms please make every effort to return them as soon as possible. You may place completed forms in the homework folder pocket. Check the academic planner each day for notes from me. Please initial any notes I send you to confirm you have read them.

6. Grades—Please stop by the front office to get your login info for the electronic parent portal. This allows you to check your child's grades at any time. I use an variety of assessments to accurately gauge the learning of your child. These include hourly checks for understanding, weekly quizzes, quarterly exams, and the end-of-year examinations. Good attendance and completed homework goes a long way! I tell the kids half the trick of success in anything in life is simply showing up. Chronically late or absentee students in my class fall behind quickly and struggle to succeed. Make every effort to have them on time, ready to go everyday. 

 Thank you for taking the time to read this carefully with your child. School is like a triangle with parents, teachers, and students responsible for each angle (vertex in the 4th grade lingo). If each angle is stable and well cared for the triangle is strong and makes a rigid foundation—one that is almost impossible to break or compress. That is why bridges often have triangular trusses to support incredible weight for years and years! I look forward to teaching your child this year.

 Question and Answer Blog-A "Question & Answer Blog" has been added to the Pisgah website. It is located on the left hand side of the Pisgah Elementary homepage. Questions will be answered each Monday. Please visit the website to ask questions or post comments.

Aluminum Cans-Pisgah Elementary is collecting rinsed out, squished aluminum cans for recycling. Please send them to school in a plastic bag with the number of cans inside written on the bag. The class with the most cans at the end of each month wins a prize. 
Box Tops-Please send in all box tops for education you collect in an envelope. The class with the most box tops collected at the end of the month will receive a prize.
Campbell's Soup Labels-Please send in all Campbell's soup labels in an envelope. The class with the most soup labels collected at the end of each month wins a prize.