Student Dress

We encourage students to dress in comfortable clothing but something that will not appear to be out of place or cause unnecessary attention. Vulgar words and tasteless messages on clothing are inappropriate. No short shorts/skirts, spaghetti straps or loose tank tops. Loose, baggy jeans, and high heel/wedge shoes are a serious safety hazard and are not appropriate school attire. Hats and caps should not be worn to school except on dress-up picture day and other days that teachers may request hats. Leggings must have the top reaching mid-thigh. Remember that appropriate play clothes and tennis shoes will be needed on days students have physical education. We would ask that you also avoid clothing or shoes that could be distracting in the classroom (hidden roller skates, etc.) and hair coloring that could be distracting in the classroom. Also, we request that no student use rolling book bags as these are a safety hazard that may cause students walking behind the book bag to trip and fall.

Radios, boom boxes, tape players, skate boards, knives, match and lighters are not allowed at school. Items brought for show and tell should be kept in a box or a bag.

Parents should help students make sure that all jackets, lunch boxes, sweaters, raincoats, caps and other things that could be easily lost are labeled. We do have a lost and found area where students are encouraged to look for lost items. If a student should find something someone else has lost, it should be turned in to the office or teacher. Items not claimed at the end of the school year will be given to charity.