School Food/Manners

Enter cafeteria quietly.
Walk to serving line.
Sit in designated area.
Fill seats from back to side of cafeteria.
Do not skip seats.
Get all supplies and equipment (fork, napkin, condiments, etc.) the first time through the line.
Keep your seat.
Get up only when the teacher gives permission to go back for extras and when depositing tray.
Talk quietly to your close neighbors when you have no food in your mouth.
You may have food from a neighbor's tray only if it is offered to you.
Never put your hands on someone else's tray or food unless they offer the food. 
Go to the back of the cafeteria and up the outside aisle to deposit trays.
Do not cross in front of the cash register (and thus, through the serving line.)
Clean up around your seat before you leave to deposit your tray.
Pick up any food, napkins, forks, etc.