Car Traffic

Car Traffic/ Altered Transportation

Enter the parking lot at the driveway closest to the gym and exit at the driveway closest to the cafe/office. For your child's and other children's safety, please follow the procedure below.

All car riders will be dismissed after the buses at 1:40 p.m. We encourage you to allow your child to stay until dismissal time. For safety reasons there will be teachers/assistants on duty to supervise car riders and direct traffic. Please be aware that there is no one to supervise your child after 1:40 p.m. since staff members are involved in parent conferences, meeting, workshops and off campus activities.

As a safety precaution, name tags will be provided to the parents by the school. Parents will keep a tag and distribute extra tags to those whom they authorize to pick up their child. These tags should be placed in the window. We will call the child's name written on the card and will have them waiting for you on the numbers out front as you pull up. 
You may not pass a stopped bus with it's sign out in our parking lot! 

Parents will establish a regular a.m. and p.m. transportation plan for students when they complete the student registration sheet at the beginning of the year. If it is necessary to change your child's usual routine of going home in the afternoon, a note from the parent is REQUIRED or the parent needs to come to the school directly to write a note for the change. This includes situations in which a different person will be picking up the child. NO telephone calls for changes in bus or car will be taken. It is impossible to positively identify callers.