Second Grade Antique Road Show

Second Grade Antique Roadshow
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As a wrap up to their History unit, Miss Stewart's and Mrs.Cox's second graders at Pisgah Elementary School enjoyed hosting the annual Antiques Roadshow for staff and students in their classrooms on Friday, December 6th. Their studies began with a reading module focused on the American West and the impact of Native Americans and pioneers on U.S. history, leading students on a trip to Vance Birthplace. There, students learned about life in early America, Vance's governorship, and  not to take their present household amenities for granted! After constructing classroom timelines of events from 1774 to the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt, students enjoyed creating keepsake timelines of their own lives. The Antique Roadshow allowed students to connect with history on a much deeper level, as family heirlooms and treasured antiques were shared with curious staff and students, bringing history to life!