Fourth Grade Friendship Assembly 2019

A Great-Hearted Friendship Assembly
Heart Dance

February 22, 2019, Pisgah's fourth grade presented
 "A Great-Hearted Friendship Assembly."

The presentation included,” "Great Hearted People in History” that taught students about the heroes of history that have made great changes and discoveries in our past. Next, “What It Means to Be Great-Hearted!" Each student gave their definition of great-heartedness. On the health and science side of curriculum, there was Real Great-Hearted Facts and a "Heart Rap." 

Special Thanks To:

Ushers - Seth, Samantha MC - Leah, Seth Dancers - Kayli, Landon, Madi, Addisyn, Payton, Ava

Soloists - Ava, Madi, Kayli, Elizabeth, Leah, Faith, DaniFigurative Heart Readers -  Katy, Madi, Aaliyah, Elizabeth, Payton, Ava, Samantha, Sophie, Brison, Landon, Addisyn, Faith

Literal Heart Readers - Piercen, Makayla, Maria, Alijah, Anni, Zayd, Wyatt, Erin, JD, Sarah, Kayli

Greeters - Wyatt and Samantha

Mic-Mover - Dani

AV:  Mrs. Davis and Luke

Set Design/Heart Art - Mrs. Ohem, Mrs. Robinson, and The Amazing 4th Grade Class of 2019 Music:  Mrs. Anderson and The Amazing 4th Grade Class of 2019