Creative Corner


-Sketchbooks are an excellent tool for practicing drawing and exploring different art media.  Students in 1st through 4th grade use sketchbooks in art class.  In class we use them for planning projects, independent drawing, collage and word drawings.  We often have sketchbook centers where students will take their sketchbooks to different centers to explore media such as stamping, drawing, painting, magazine collage and texture rubbing.  A sketchbook does not need to be an expensive investment.  They can be as simple as a stack of paper stapled together or get creative and make your own cover by using fabric to cover cardboard, construction paper or pick out some fun prints in the scrapbook section of a craft store.  

Here are some sketchbook activities that you might want to try:
-Word drawings are fun and help with vocabulary.  Cut a word out of magazines and clue it into your sketchbook.  Draw a picture of what you picture in your head when you read that word.  Add lots of details that will help others understand what you are drawing. 
Example:  A student chose the word "restaurant" and drew a picture of people sitting at a table with plates of food.  They also drew a chef making pizzas and a waiter with a tray of drinks.  
-Glue found objects into your sketchbook such as leaves, pressed flowers, fabric scraps that have interesting designs, pictures from magazines.
-Take your sketchbook and a pencil with you when traveling in the car.  Draw things you see out the window or use your imagination to pass the time.
-If you and your family like to go hiking take your sketchbook with you and sketch a tree, waterfall or a mountain view.  

-Pick out a new set of pens, markers, chalk, oil pastels, or a media you have never used before and play with technique in your sketchbook!

-With parent permission find some kid friendly youtube drawing tutorials.  I really love "Draw So Cute".

These are only a few of the many possibilities for how you can use your sketchbook.  Can you think of other sketchbook activities?  Please share some ideas!