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 Growing our Brains

Students have reading homework EVERY
night, Monday- Thursday.

Students are expected to read for 30 minutes a night and record on reading log.

Students have ten review math problems to complete during the week. Must show work to prove how all items are solved.

Homework DUE each Friday morning.
Please have students REREAD their text so they are
reading the full 30 minutes.
It is better to read less and REREAD, rather than try
to read more and not really understand what was read.
*** Ask your child about what they have read - RETELL. If it is not completely
 clear what the story or chapter was about then this means your child needs to
 REREAD so they can give a clear, sequenced, understandable retell.

The retell is so important
Students must be able to explain clearly to
someone else what they have read.
Learning is fun