Virtual Day Daily Activities

Dear Families,

  Thank you for your understanding and willingness to make these Virtual Days most beneficial to your child! We appreciate all of your work at home to keep school routines going while we are out. It is critical that your child continue to practice skills at home in reading and math. Below is information about the daily expectations/activities. Thank you for your support!


Mrs. Brashcler and Mrs. Green 

Daily Virtual/School Activities 

Reminder- our intention is not to have your child be on an electronic device for extended periods of time. Please use your discretion but keep in mind these are Virtual School Days and your child should be completing work each day. 

GEODES Decodable Books

 (black and white books)

  1. Read ONE story from the GEODEs book (there are four in each book). 

  1. Complete one writing/BINGO board activity in the notebook. Remind students to use complete, first grade sentences. 

iReady Online Lessons

(QR Code Needed, Scan in through NCedCloud )

Students can work on iReady Reading and Math lessons in the iReady app. 

  • Limit iReady lesson time to 15 minutes per day, per subject. No more than 45 minutes total per week (this is our limit at school as well)

  • Please do not help your child with the lessons- these are tailored to meet their individual needs and they need to work on them independently. 

iReady Math Packet

Students can complete 1 page (front and back) in the math packet, per day, to review skills so far this year

Please check SeeSaw daily.

**Classroom teachers and specialists will be posting activities to be completed in your child’s journal. Please do your best to complete all activities posted by Friday of the current week. **

Additional  Resources/Ideas to Work on at Home

Here are some additional things to do at home. The resources below are not required to do daily but can be used to supplement your work at home. 

Epic! Books (app)- use class code provided

  • Listen/Read Books

  • 1,000s of books to choose!

Investigations Math App

Math Games that align with our past and current math units

  • Students can pick games from Units 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7.  

Xtra Math 

Xtra Math (math fact practice)

  • Log into NCedCloud with QR code---->Clever--->Teachers Class--->Xtra Math

Sight Word Practice

Review Sight Words

  • Make Flashcards

  • Build words with magnetic letters

  • Use chalk to write words on the driveway! 

  • Choose 5-10 words, complete a menu activities in notebook 

Pisgah Elementary App

Additional Online Links 

(Academics--->Media Center--->Online Resources)

We will be available via Remind101 and e-mail. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher with any questions you may have throughout this time. Thank you again for your understanding and patience!