School Improvement Team Minutes 2018-2019

Pisgah Elementary

School Improvement Team Meeting


January 10, 2019 Meeting

Attendance:  See Sign-In Sheet

Agenda and Minutes

  1. Science Fair (Math/Science Committee)
  2. Strikes Rule for SoCon Basketball Tournament (for 3rd and 4th grade)


    NOVEMBER 8, 2018

    Attendance:  See Sign In Sheet

    Agenda and Minutes


  3. Pennies for Patients: Mrs. Kristen
  4. Dates for the spring- 3-5 to 3-15, 4th grade will help
  5. Security Concerns: Pavilion door guests let in without knowing who they are, voting day concerns. Mrs. Yates explained there were other issues across the district, so Dr. Baldwin will cancel school on voting days.
  6. Thermo-Fisher Update: Gilliland.  Fed 36 Pisgah families last year for Thanksgiving last year, can feed 50 families this year! Will also stock our Pisgah food bags for over the holidays.
  7. Honor Air Flight Donation Jug. Beside Lobby guard. Send in donations to send veterans to DC.
  8. Quick View Emergency Information for Subs-Is everyone including this in Sub Plans? Red safety folder that should be available in sub plans.
  9. Student Activity Fund:  Grinch Movie, McDonalds Night, DI. Display the Student Fund budget and take a vote on expenses? We’re “all in!” Erin checking into the movie availability and Mrs. Yates checking the movie rating. Would cost $5 per student from fund and students would pay $3 each for bus. Check with teammates if you’d like to go. Current budget: around $4000. (trip to the aquarium was $8000) Procedure for the SAF budget request? Transparent for SIT.
  10. Holiday Parties in December-Monday, December 17th   Snow date of Tuesday
  11. Park Bench Wood grade bench (treated pine) from Jesse Israel (they will go half, $100 from Pisgah) Order the bench, Leslie will pass the hat.  Location TBD.
  12. School Improvement Plan Revision. Has been turned in for review and feedback, revisions, and back to school board for approval. Suggestions: revise student leadership skills to include “opportunities” for leadership. Reading Goals-use more specific data to create grade level goals.
  13. Microwave for cafe? Kristin will talk with Ann about specifications, etc.
  14. One hour student club on early dismissal days? Consider for next year.


    October 11, 2018

    Attendance:  See Sign-In sheet

    Agenda and Minutes:


    Be on the lookout for the following on "the Google" at the end of each quarter:

    1. Awards Day Spreadsheet - Classroom Teacher fill in student names.

    This will be a running document.

    2. Certificates- Classroom Teachers will fill in student names, print

    and bring with them the ceremony.

    3.  Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance: The office will print certificates and put in your box. Teachers bring to ceremony.

    4. JLK honorarium- Day at Belks $5 coupon-send home with students explaining the reason. Leslie will create the flier.


    2018-2019 Awards Day Ceremony Schedule

    Quarter 1:     Thursday, November 8    12:30

    Quarter 2:     Thursday, January 31        9:00

    Quarter 3:     Wednesday, April 10        12:30

    Quarter 4:     Thursday, May 30               9:00

    Friendship Assembly

    K -  TBA

    1 -  April

    2 -  February

    3 -  March        Science Theme

    4 - Dec 6  1:00pm

    6. Free and reduced lunch forms needed!! Station set up at Thanksgiving meal with door prizes.

    50 meals in the works donated by ThermoFisher for thanksgiving.

    7. Figure out a way to acclimate 4th graders to Enka Intermediate. Several visits, email buddies, parent/student visits.


    8. Review SIP - Document was edited based upon SIT member’s suggestions

    9. October 15th-sign in sheet, lunch..see Jeanann @ Hominy Valley. Be there at 7:30.

    10. LEAF artists week of the 15th-what time do you want the whole group assembly?

    11. Data Dig-October 17th

    12. October 18th-Faculty Meeting-Carla Billups

    13. PBIS assembly-October 24th-to review expectations

    14. Educator's Handbook Review-October 25th 2:30 p.m.

    15. Fall Festival Sign-up for games/activities on Saturday, October 27th. Notice the date change from 10/20 to 10/27

    16. October 31st-Early Release Day PLC with Barnardsville at The Goodwill Center-lunch provided/Book-o-ween

    17. November 9th-SRO's to read with students

    18. November 10th Craft Fair -Veteran’s Day Weekend

    19. November 16th-Caldwell County visit

    20. Lunch Schedules- lunches are back to back, schedule is tight, have to enter/leave on time. Thoughts? 2nd grade will come in later-between 3rd and 4th grade to give Ann restocking time.

    21.  Back-up grading system- keep a paperback-up for grades. Absences recorded in Homeroom only.

    22. Transferring students-print mCLASS, grades

    23. McDonalds Nights

    24. Mrs. Kristen:

    CLASS OF ______  for each classroom door.  Will travel with that grade level as they advance. M. Dotson will create signs for us. $10 each. Teacher college info in a prominent place.


    September 13, 2018

    Agenda and Minutes (working document)

    Attendance: See sign in sheet


  1. Budget- See attachment Balance of $1568.47 thus far. Investigations materials for next year $3000. Copying supplies, toner is eating the balance and may have to resort to number soon.


  2. Title 1 Budget is on a spreadsheet. See attachment.$1300 for Parent Involvement.


    K-1 building take home libraries Good readers (Wit and Wisdom) being purchased. Connects to the modules.


    Professional Development-Myers and Smith to Writing follow-up & classroom visitation, JB and Molly to WRESA, Reading Foundation training, AMC Math training,

    Fundations magnetic boards, Mentoring Minds, Wit and Wisdom workbooks


    SIP Goals-

    Reading, Math, and our choice (leadership &  development, family and community engagement)

    Looking into student leadership, teacher strategies to share, Citizens of the Week, Ambassadors, Friendship Assemblies, student led conferences

    Math Goal-3-4 gains in EOG scores, K-2 math assessments

    Reading Goal-Goals based upon end of grade level scores as it increases into the following year cohort, mClass data K-4



    JB Halpin, School growth celebrated on Sept. 27th with School Board, Tony Baldwin, JLK. Cake and punch.


    JLK Celebration for 40+ years of service

    Wish to recognize her in a meaningful way, possible JLK garden, other thoughts?


    Move microwave to cafe? Ask Ann, etc.

    July 24, 2018

    Agenda and Minutes (working document)

    Attendance: See Sign In Sheet

    Master Schedule/Committees-

    Schedule: (see BCS K-6 Use of time document) A schedule has been created, tying up loose ends, no duty free lunch, Jennie Lynn will follow a Title 1 schedule, extra day of PE, will send out asap.

    Committees: Assigned points (1-4) to committees and tried to fill committee lists based on points per person. Skills and talents were taken into consideration. Lists will be emailed when completed.

    2. Active Shooter Training- All certified staff must complete the online training (one module) which will be sent to us as a link to complete this summer or as time allows. Follow up at first faculty meeting. Due Sept. 28th.

    3. MTSS/TIPS-Multiple Tiered System of Support-iReady -data driven framework to follow all students. TIPS may look a bit different as we use MTSS.

    New Grade Leveled Standards booklets have been purchased for each teacher to look over this summer.

    4. STEAM Days-August 8th, 9th-AB Tech campus at Ferguson Workforce Development

  1. Standards Training-August 13th-Pisgah Elementary-conflict with CPR training
  2. World View Conference-August 14th-Central Office

Congratulations to Ms. Cox, Ms. Myers, and Ms. Moore for being selected to participate in the Kennedy Center/LEAF/BCS partnership.

7. Seesaw/GOOGLE Classroom-August 15th @ Pisgah Ele-Review of Seesaw training/help    set up classroom

8. Biltmore Baptist Day of Caring-August 18th-8am-12pm- inside and out work will be done-food truck to feed volunteers, bringing mulch. Look for Google sign up sheet and email Mrs. Yates is you need indoor projects completed.

9. Pisgah Inn-August 22nd- noon-vote for your lunch choice via email to Jeanann asap.

10. Meet the Teacher 8-9:00 a.m., Thursday, Aug. 23-all call to remind parents, also share info concerning $25 for school supplies

11. iReady Training-August 23rd 12 p.m.-3 p.m.-Reading and Math programs-Blended Learning Lab moving into computer lab, keyboarding program will be added.

12. Tentative EOG Scores-R-78.6% , 24.6% increase    M-84.3 %, increase of 12%

Wit and Wisdom, busing students, Title 1, positive promotion prior to testing

13. JLK-Title I Assistant-will work with Beau during Title 1 times K-4

14. New Staff-Sara Moore-(4th), Forest Jones-(P.E. Interim), Amanda Ogle-(Instructional Coach) alternating Weds and Thurs, Betsy Bramley (ESL),  Littlefield (nurse). There are many books in the gym, Beau will collect sets for Book Room, then it’s available for staff to check out.

15. Reading Foundations Training- Jeanann is presently attending this workshop and interested in sharing with staff. Will send all staff a few at a time. (Ms. Green and Ms. Stewart have had the training.)

16. 25 out of 34 attended Kinder Camp yesterday.

17. Title 1 Annual Meeting-9/18 is ER day. Date will be changed to Monday, September 17th to correlate with Book Fair.

18. Next SIT meeting we’ll focus on Goals and Objectives, add PBIS.

19. How to celebrate our EOG success for staff and students? Bring in Dan the Animal Man? Fun Assembly of some sort? Ice Cream truck? “Wild about Pisgah!” (ask PTO)

20. 9/7 is Ice Cream Social and Inflatables, 9/10 mClass window opens, 9/13, 9/14, 9/21 for Dan the Man in PM?

21. Set music concert dates. K-Holiday Concert on December 13th, 3-4th grade- Heritage Concert on April 11th, 1-2nd grade-Nature Concert on May 2nd.

22. Communication between staff, committees, PTO dates...dates should be on Brenda’s big calendar in the office, weekly bulletin, Google calendar to avoid conflicts.


June 14, 2018

Attendees:  See Sign-in


Quick review of how SIT Documentation will be kept and organized 2018-2019.

Requests to be on agenda should be made on separate Google Doc

Bring documentation/handouts for the folder to be uploaded later

Leslie Cox will keep minutes, Aimee Stewart as alternate


NEW:  SIT Agenda Request will be a separate Google Doc


MUSIC:  Jennifer Anderson

Set performance dates at summer SIT meeting-July 24th after 1pm

Mountain Heritage Day- Poor Man’s Supper, cloggers, square dance (Fri),

Dulcimer performance (Thurs.) PTO Craft Fair (Sat)

K- Holiday Concert in December, 1-2 Nature Program, 3-4 Heritage


4. Title 1 Night-September 18th

Spaghetti Dinner- DI Team and/or PTO may provide

Book Fair

5. CNA:  Comprehensive Needs Assessment - Yates/Gilliland reviewed

30 page booklet of school data (5 years back) to disseminate progress and

Pinpoint areas of success/needs-drives the Priority Plan (budget)

6.  Priority Plan Fluid document that explains how our money is spent

Keep documentation of workshop attendance for the plan budget updates to be presented at each SIT meeting

7. 2018-2019 Master Schedule Planning - July 18th

Add comments to the Google doc prior to planning. Delicate schedule.

8. School Improvement Plan

Meeting to develop @ 1pm on July 24th

9. Meet the Teacher

Host our MtT on Thursday, Aug. 23rd morn instead of Friday due to other

school conflicts

10. Pisgah Inn Lunch -Friday, August 24th around 12:00 (changed to Wednesday, Aug. 22nd due to conflict at the Inn)

11. Computer Lab update/Kristin’s clothing needs-

Losing money and personnel so Title 1 groupings will be larger and we will utilize iReady blended learning model during Intervention Block.

Title 1 will move into Computer Lab, Title 1 room will turn into Conference area.

iReady math on the table for discussion. Kristin is looking for a place to store clothing for greater teacher access. Utilize the closet in the DI room.

12. Specials start time at BOY? STEM Lab start up first week. Library will begin or 3rd week due to 1 to 1 computer training.

13. Renew AR Program? RAZ kids? (typically paid for with Biltmore grant,    purchased last year with Title 1 funds) Keep Brain Pop subscription? Yes. Possibly ask PTO for AR funds/rewards

14.  Reading Rangers/Explorers Theme next year-Incorporate genre wheel and other grade level incentives to earn badges on sashes, paper or fabric vests. Display the sashes somehow. Hike to the top of Mt. Pisgah as a reward?

15. 2018-19 Title 1 Documents have been revised and will go to the Advisory

board for approval.  (Compact/Family Engagement Policy)  We will develop the Family Engagement Plan/Schedule at our first meeting

16. Next SIT meeting- July 24th at 1 PM