School Food Service

Our cafeteria staff, under the leadership of Ann Letterman, creates a friendly and warm environment and serves well-balanced and nourishing meals each day. Breakfast and lunch are served. Prices are set each year by the Buncombe County Board of Education.

Paying Student- Breakfast: FREE Lunch: $2.45
Reduced Student- Breakfast: FREE Lunch: $.40
Adult Breakfast and Lunch: A La Carte Prices
Note: Any student will be allowed to eat breakfast free of charge through the Universal Free Breakfast Program

Free and reduced lunch applications are available from the school office or cafeteria manager if needed.
Students may pre-pay by the week, month or year.
If a charge is necessary, repayment is required the next day. Students may charge meals only. Students may choose “extra” items with their meal only if they have funds to do so. It is preferable that “extras” be purchased with cash. No “extras” will be deducted from the student’s account unless a written note from the parent is on file stating that they may do so. If a student owes money no “extras” can be purchased.
Parents are invited to eat with their child in the cafeteria; however, as a courtesy to other students, we ask that you do not bring outside food such as fast food into the school cafeteria. We also ask that no bottled or canned soda be brought to school.
We place emphasis on good table manners and we use lunchtime as an opportunity to teach these. Students also help clean the tables and area around them as part of their responsibility.