School Improvement Team Agenda/Minutes 2017-18

School Improvement Team Minutes 2017-18

March 8, 2018

Agendas and Minutes

Attendance: Sign in Sheet

  1. Science Fair-AfterSchool cannot use gym Monday and Tuesday. Who will tell about their projects on Thursday? Could be 28+ for all “winners” (county K/1). Announce all winners Wed. morning?

After school will relocate to the cafe. Communications will come to take pics. around 10am. Conflict with assembly time and Science Fair viewing- Tuesday 12:30-1:15/4th grade, 1:15-2:00/2nd grade, Wednesday- 7:40-8:15/3rd grade, 8:15-9:00/K-1. Schedule of events for Thursday Assembly-Award winners first- Announce 1st place Science winners only and they will speak first, then 3rd grade program.

  1. After school Remediation: Issue, concerns, suggestions, or material thoughts?

Bathroom and snack BEFORE tutoring begins at 2:15 to maximize time. 4th grade ELA tutors pondering more beneficial materials to use: Newsela, ReadWorks, released tests?

  1. April 14 Craft Fair and Car Show

Possibly place Car Show around the track (9-2). Dana Foster requests staff volunteers. Will post a sign up sheet in the workroom. Will need new 2 way radios for this event. Halpin will help Foster order new radios for PTO to purchase. Move buses to another location.

  1. PTO Vision and business model

Feel the need to have a vision and business model in place before the school year begins. A budget in place and greater parent /teacher collaboration.

      5. Other Business:

BBQ meal coming from High Alta Real Estate on March 29th who will drop off some literature and school supplies. They would like to help with LEAF opportunities for the school.

iReady-Going well. Reports are explicit! Goes deeper than mClass. Beau will show some reports at next staff meeting.

FEBRUARY 8, 2018

Agendas and Minutes  

Attendance:  Sign In Sheet

  1. I Ready Curriculum Associates

Beau and Yates-platform with Google, Pixar..I Ready NC based on NC standards. Have   

            adaptive diagnostics. Computerized testing that tests all domains to get a profile/report

            that’s personalized. Then lessons (PEP) designed on this profile in reading and math.        

            Also creates class profiles. Students can work from home, work shows up on reports.

            Motivational and diagnostic. Better than county assessments. Pisgah selected to pilot

            for one month. Ask to use Biltmore grant funds if we like it (data from pilot).

            $34/student K-4 in one subject. Will align with county plan to incorporate all ELA

            standards into long range plan. 45 mins per week for individualized instruction.                     

            2/26-3/22 timeline. 2/26-3/2 for diagnostic testing.

  1. EOY EOG retesting  EOG last 10 days of school, have until 6/30 to retest, remediation time/tutoring/bus?

  1. Science Fair (Stewart and Krichbaum)  

Boards went home today. 1st place gets a medal, 2nd, 3rd place ribbons, participation    

ribbons, Mrs. Yates would like to present at a special assembly. Judge on March 13th.

  1. New Updated Calendar-

             Parent survey as to what to do with present loss of school due to snow? Over 9000 responses to take to the board. Each district will have to decide. Add 20 mins each day?

  1. 4th grade end-of-grade protocol-

             Would like to take the students to The Biltmore House, cake, icecream, punch after

             Awards day.


       6. Feb. 22- World Culture Day- Assembly in gym with exchange students (time TBA).

           Classroom exchanges, $10 food stipend, Asian food, rice w/spices, UNCA



        7.  PTO-April 14th, 9-3PM-Craft and car show inside and out school building. BBQ meals   


Thursday, January 11

*Tutoring update-Compiling the student list to get bus numbers/needs. Begins Tuesday, January 21. Some tutoring money available for supplies, bus, and teachers, K-2 afterschool tutor.

*Pisgah Inn Honor-Kristin-Very gracious to Pisgah, so it would be nice to recognize them at a Friendship Assembly. Date to be determined.

*Copier and copies-Just ordered 10 cases of paper, don’t want to have to use codes again, so be very intentional about copying.

*Make up days-PLC early dismissal for Wit and Wisdom was set for Thursday 2/22, but now on Feb.23 which was a TWD before the Ice day. 2/22 is a normal day for students.

*Tentative date for World Culture Day is 2/22. Be thinking about the country you would like to study and explore, share new learning with other classrooms, $10 stipend to provide food for your students, Cultural Celebration in the gym in the AM.

*Ichiban-18-22 seats around the grill area to seat all of us. Date? Wednesday, January 24th at 5:00pm, weather permitting.

*STEM- Unsure how to proceed with lesson planning and timeline. Have some discussion to solidify plan of attack. Where to find the plans?

*New Business-

Promoting Diversity-Kristin-Invite a teacher friend to discuss adding cultural diversity into our student’s lives on a daily basis.

$$ given to Pisgah by a Florida donor to use for books and tutoring snacks.

Title 1- Beau- Needs for Title 1 upload will be forthcoming.

2nd Friday Pink T-shirts in honor of Beth and Beau

Back to School Night 2018 -Community Event-Drive In Movie Theme, Food trucks, backpacks w/supplies for students (Dana), Antique car/tractor show?

July 20, 2017

  • Master Schedule-approved and to be emailed to staff

  • Committees-additions made to various committees.  Some committees are more time consuming than others.  Want new people to participate. Add new teachers for teachers who have left where appropriate. Add Celeste to ELA committee and Erin to math committee. Send out rough draft to teachers to solicit help from staff filling in committee jobs.

  • Newsela-new program provided by the county. With high interest nonfiction content, including daily news articles, famous speeches, primary sources, and biographies.  Every article is written at 5 different reading levels, making it easy for an entire class to read the same content at a level that’s just right for each student.

  • Mindfulness Grant - $900, classroom kits being purchased for each teacher.  Need to find ten minutes in daily schedule to use the materials with the students.  Kristin will continue regular guidance lessons.

  • Pisgah Brochure - Brenda created in Publisher, Strawbridge will produce

  • Pisgah Handbook-Additions? Changes?

  • New TAOY-Jennie Lynn Krichbaum is Runner-Up

  • PNC Bank-send info, don’t come out to school, just send material

  • Increase in Title I Budget-not enough to rehire Kim, but possible tutors

  • Biltmore Baptist Church Love Loud Project-August 19th 8 am-12 pm.  Need staff volunteers.  Will receive a swap day.  

  • Reward Money-September 30th spending deadline 9/15-$7000 to spend-AR is $1689 and divide remainder among teachers for classroom libraries or Wit and Wisdom at their discretion. Grade level teams discuss and decide.

  • Meet the Teacher-August 25th 8-9:30 a.m. followed by Staff Meeting @ 9:45

EIC will be 1 pm-3 pm same day.

  • Open House Night-Tuesday, September 19th 6:00 p.m. (in conjunction with Book Fair)

  • Set dates for monthly meetings:

  • Literacy Team -1st Wednesday monthly- “global” theme

  • Safety Team- First Thursday monthly/TBA

  • Math Team-TBA

  • TIPS- Mondays

  • Staff Meetings - once a month -3rd Thursday of each month

  • SIT-2nd Thursday of each month

  • PBIS - 4th Thursday of each month

  • BCS Parent & Student Surveys looked good (18 parents participated)

  • Mid Term/Report Card Date

  • September 29th-Mid Term

  • November 7th-Report Cards

  • December 8th-Mid Term

  • February 2nd-Report Cards

  • March 2nd-Mid Term

  • April 13th-Report Cards

  • May 9th-Mid Term

  • June 8th-Report Cards

  • Ferguson Family YMCA in Hominy Valley - Next to Food Lion - Opens Sept. 2017 - Possible discount for School Employees - lots of activities - no swimming pool

  • Advisory Council

  • Zarents /parent portal

  • EOG test score results- nice growth 3rd grade math, expected dip in 4th grade scores

  • New and improved STEM Lab opens in October-Bethany Robinson available to help with small groups until then

  • Hope to have Carol Sutton back as tutor in October

  • PLC’s planned for Thursdays, if Margo’s schedule works for that day. EC, Title 1 to meet with teachers once a month if possible.

  • PBIS remains the same for next year, Kristin Keliher will chair.

  • Staff fun!!-LaZoom bus tour on Tuesday, August 15th at 3 PM?  $24 per person.

Aug. 24 2017

  • Jennifer Anderson (music teacher) Concert Dates:

Holiday Concert-Grades 3,4 - Dec. 14th @ 6PM-multicultural

Spring Fling Concert-Grades K-2- April 19 @ 6PM (ties in with Book Fair)

Dates will be entered on google calendar.

  • Open House on September 19th, also Book Fair

  • Ann Letterman-Cafeteria challenges:

Short on staff this year, students must sign up for breakfast day before in online Sheet sent by Ann (refer to handout on menu choices/magic 3), Ann will prepare first breakfast on Monday without order, no child goes hungry-send them for breakfast regardless of when students arrive, Subs record choices on a sticky note to send down, keep allergy and choice plans posted in classroom, be sure to check participating students off who eat breakfast every morning on Fed. tally page in tote and return in tote, There will be some positive menu changes this year.

  • Bathrooms and water bottles- Bath: Mrs. Yates requests all classrooms use sign in/out sheets to keep records of bathroom frequencies, teachers use discretion concerning water bottles, location, fill up schedule, etc. Keep water bottles on the floor or in cubbies.

  • Meet the Teacher needs or concerns- Friday, Aug. 25th from 8-9:30 AM-sign in sheet with important first day info. No rules on when student paperwork must be filled out, home or school.

  • 3rd and 4th duty free lunch- assistants covering, K-2 not opting for duty free this year

  • Power Teacher Pro module- Halpin shares it takes a full 3 hrs to complete online training found on NCEdCloud-CEU credit

  • PTO update-Auri Offord had her baby girl-PTO will meet soon to finalize some dates-They will provide snacks Monday afterschool.

  • Readworks, newsela and other digital learning opportunities-

ReadWorks short daily passages are leveled and can be assigned to individual

students with trackable results

Newsela a bit harder to set up, requires Google Classroom or Clever. Found on

IAMS page, pulldown bar at top?

  • PBIS First Day of School Assembly.  The first year was a great assembly.  Last year, the ball was dropped. It is a needed assembly so that everyone is on the same page especially with so many new people.  I know the K is staggering their entrance but this would really benefit the Grades 1-4. Kristen reported assembly will be held on Wednesday, Aug. 30th at 9AM in the gym.Teachers will role model the wrong expectations, while students recite the expectations and the correct way.

September 14, 2017

  1. Literacy Team Update about Friendship Assemblies (Beau, Leslie or Aimee)

           Nine Week Awards - A/B Honor Roll, Citizen, Most Improved Math (one per class), Most   

           Improved Reading (one per class) Grade Level Reading Rock Star--T-Shirt!!

          Student names will be recorded on a Google Doc and shared.

          **Think of ways to shave some time off of the celebration**

              (present awards before the grade level program, call names simultaneously, but don’t   wait for students to walk up, pictures BEFORE program)

  1. Dates for Grade Level Assemblies    Theme: Reading Around the World

10/27-4th grade

11/17- 1st grade

1/26- 2nd grade

           2/6- 3rd grade

3/23- Kindergarten

  1. PTO Update - When is the Fall Festival?

  • September 19- Open House, 6-7:30pm Meet in gym for a few announcements, Classrooms, Book Fair

  • September 21, Early Dismissal

  • September 22- Fundraiser Kick-off 1:15 pm in gym

  • October 19- TOY, TAOY, Bosses Day Celebration, Molly’s shower

  • LEAF Artist- Oct. 17, 18, 19

  • October 21  Fall Festival from 12 - 4pm  SOCK HOP!!

  • Career Day Update - Wednesday, October 25th

  • October 31- Book-o-ween  Dress as favorite book character, parade in gym, classroom exchange presentations about books

  • December 11,12- Santa’s Secret Shop

  1. Dismissal Times - Most students are being dismissed before their 2:10 and 2:15 dismissal time?  Should we continue with this or stick to the email times that were sent? It is understood that we want to get the buses gone and the car rider line started.  Everyone needs to be on the same page with these times (either dismiss early and whenever or wait for the 2:10 bell and 2:15 bell.

  1. Title 1 Update

Keep sign in sheets, etc for Title 1 binder, items may go on the Google Doc

Parent-School Title 1 Compact handout-check school start time

75 students participated in the Summer Reading program and will be rewarded asap.

Field trip (safe, fun)..Movie trip!!!

7. Book Fair postponed by a day.

8. New PDP dates will be in the office next week.

October 12, 2017

  1. Fall Festival Updates - Many donations !  Thanks to many local companies.

12-4pm / Saturday, October 21

T-shirts will be for sale at the fall festival.  Kids shirts $10 / Adult shirts $15

Pre-orders for sweatshirts for $25 (pre-orders will be taken at the fall festival)

  1. Oct. 31 Module Study Protocol

Early Release Day - Dive into Module 2 (Wit and Wisdom)

Teachers will begin at 11:00am - Other staff will work with classrooms while teachers are diving into Module 2.  Break at 12:00 to help with dismissal.

  1. Beau-Bookaween update

Send fliers home.

Parade in gym.  / Look for a schedule.

  1. Fatz Pancakes on Oct. 28 - 8:00 - 10:00

To raise money for needy students. - Christmas activities

$10 for adults / $6 for children - Selling tickets at fall festival too.

5.  Beau’s connection with Thermo Fisher - Giving 30 Thanksgiving Meals

(Angie, Beau, Kristen will be working on.)

  1. NC check-ins Nov. 7

Online testing for 4th grade math - 20 problems - math calculator inactive

Very similar to Case 21.

6.  Leaf Artist this week

Beny Esquerra - Oct. 18-19-20

Third Grade is participating.

Afternoon program on October 20 - TBD

7.  Literacy Walk Thurs. Nov. 2

Margo, Jeanann and classroom teachers participating.

Grade levels will watch the grade level above.

Discussion of the positives seen in the Wit and Wisdom classroom after school on same day

  1. Fire Prevention Nov. 9 - Class Rotation

The fire department will bring the smoke house and the fire engine for student program.

  1. Ann will update on holiday meals

  1. October 18 - Compassionate Schools - Sign up on My Learning Plan for credit.

9.  Parent Breakfast Club - 4 Tuesdays in November

Sponsored by Beau and Kristen - Community conversation for parents

10.  Be active members of the community.  Pisgah Elementary is the center of our community.

Mrs. Foster is organizing a car show and craft fair.  Working on approvals. (Possible spring dates on a Saturday.)

11.  Career Day - October 25 (Wednesday) - Full day - Schedule for rotations will be coming soon.

12.  Friendship Assembly - Friday, October 27 -

13 - McDonalds’s Night - Tuesday, October 17

Nov. 9, 2017

  1. Compassionate Schools Implementation - Parking Lot

2. Reward Parameters for Roadrunner Rock Star -

Grades-A/B Honor Roll, Attendance-combo of 3 tardies or absences, No Referrals--What about students who have great behavior, but Cs or 2s for grades? Look into an extra recess or reward via classroom teacher, recognized over the intercom, to participate. Efficiency of rewarding this many students? Consider Classroom rewards--Personal Best Stars, Leslie will ask Bethany to create Certificates. Angie makes attendance certificates, Brenda making A/B honor roll, Celeste creating other Awards Day certificates to send teachers digitally.

3. Friendship Assembly/Awards Day-Thursday, November 16th at 9AM.

4. Track Days in the Hallways and CBEs-

Too many disturbances in the afternoon, after school a bit too loud getting to the gym from 1:15-2:10

5. Science Fair-March 13,14-

JLK and Stewart-Tuesday, March 13 is Judging..Wednesday 14 is classroom viewing..Mandatory 2-4, K-1 voluntary, will order ribbons, project boards, info home soon

6. TIPS course on Canvas; changes coming-Jeanann-

TIPS has changed. Once child has been recommended for testing, county takes over to advise placements and streamline placements. 10-12 weeks of interventions coming up. Recommend students for TIPS quickly if concerned as new placement plan could take up to 6 months before knowing the outcome.

7. Check swings for height and saboteurs

8. AR-

Jeanann-Encourage AR as students should be testing more at this point. Set Goals, monthly rewards, healthy competition...push!! Rigorous texts. Award EACH grade level the RRR T-shirt at each Awards Celebration to boost interest.

9. Beau Gilliland-

Thermo Fisher corporate help of $400 towards Christmas meal for our families.

10. Community Involvement - UHFD Christmas party for our students - several ops -First is on Friday, Dec. 1 at 7 PM  to stuff bags and then Saturday, Dec. 2, from 12noon-2pm to help work at the party. Sign up in the workroom.

11. Fatz Fundraiser- November 18th, 7:30-10 to waitress, bus tables, submit orders!

12. McDonald’s night for November has been cancelled.