Illness/Injury at School

Children may become ill or receive an injury while at school. Should this happen they should let their teacher know immediately. Children with serious illnesses or injuries will be taken to the office and cared for and parents will be contacted. For this reason it is important that
the teacher have a local phone number where a parent or guardian can be reached during the day. Please notify your child's teacher and/or the school office if this number should be changed during the year.
When picking up a sick child at school, come by the school office and sign the student out. The secretary will call the students to the office to be picked up.
Should your child need to be excused during the school day for doctor's appointments, etc., please send a written note to his/her teacher on the day he/she is to be excused, stating the time you will need to sign him/her out in the school office. All students who are to be released at a time other than the normal dismissal time must be signed out and picked up in the school office.