Bus Safety

Waiting for Bus

  • Stand well off roadway
  • Wait quietly and don't run around
  • Wait for bus to come to a complete stop before moving toward bus
  • Look both ways before crossing road
  • Load bus without crowding or pushing

Riding the Bus

  • Take your seat immediately
  • Move to inside of seat to make room for others
  • Keep legs, feet, and other objects out of aisle
  • Keep head and arms inside bus
  • Stay in same seat and stay seated when bus is moving
  • Talk in a conversation voice only to those people near you
  • Do not distract the driver by talking to him/her
  • Do not throw any objects on the bus or out the window
  • Do not leave trash on the bus
  • Do not tamper with emergency door
  • Obey the bus driver's instructions

Dismounting the Bus

  • Remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop
  • Move into the aisle only as it come your turn
  • Always cross in front of the bus
  • Look both ways before crossing road
  • Move away from the bus immediately