Advisory Council

School Principal (Ex-Officio Member)
Jeanann Yates
PTO President
Jessica Allen
One Teacher Representative (Elected by Vote of the Teachers)
Sara Moore (Teacher of the Year)
Three Lay People Approved by the Board of Education
Jochell Godfrey (Teacher Assistant of the Year)
Becky Gipe
Angie Ford

The elementary School Advisory council is made up of the PTO President (if co-presidents are elected, both members serve on the Advisory Council, but each will have one-half vote), one teacher elected by the school's teachers and three lay people appointed by the Board of Education with the school Principal serving as an ex-officio member.

Members of the board of education have a sincere commitment to the concept of citizen involvement in the Buncombe County Schools. They believe the people want good schools, that they have reasonable ideas about the things the school do and that they are willing to help the schools attain established goals. A purpose of the advisory structure is to provide informed advice to school authorities. The Advisory Council will also advise the Principal on developing a budget for the Hominy Valley Supplemental Tax fund balances left from the previous years.