Office Staff

brendaBrenda Wilson
Head Secretary/Bookkeeper

My name is Brenda Smith Wilson. I have had the pleasure of working at Pisgah Elementary for the past twenty nine years (yes, I am working my 30th year this year!) after having worked in retail for several years. There is no better place on earth I would rather work. The staff and students here at Pisgah are just like a family. “We respect and care about each other.”

I was born in Marshall, North Carolina and as a little girl lived in Missouri and California for short periods of time. When I came back to North Carolina in the fifth grade I lived with my grandmother on a small farm in Marshall and attended Marshall High School where I graduated with honors in 1973. I married in 1973 right after high school and moved to Candler. I have two children, Allison Wilson Morgan (wonderful son-in-law, Kevin) and Brandon Wilson. I have three wonderful grandchildren Malachi Morgan , Evan Wilson, and Vivien Belle Wilson. Malachi is a Junior at Nesbitt Discovery Academy and Evan is a Freshman at Owen High School (I still miss seeing them at Pisgah!). Vivien is a sweet 3 years old and so much fun. I plan on staying at Pisgah Elementary until my retirement at which time I will most likely return as a volunteer. Once part of the family always a part of the family!


angie fordAngie Ford
Data Manager/Clerical Assistant